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Graphic drivers crash and recover
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When i launch the game from steam it is loading files and than screen is geting black (on arma 2 it was loading after), here I'm going back to desktop and little icon is popping up on low right screen saying ''display driver stopped responding and has recovered''
I have Nvidia 9400m graphic card, and last drivers, i'm not sure if it is supported by game, although the game has almost the same requirements ans arma2 which is running on my laptop {F16723}


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We need files from this folder. Arma 3 Alpha: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\

Can you attach them please?

How report crash is in "How to Guide" in upper right corner.

Please try use -nobenchmark command line option.

Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Set launch options

-nobenchmark has solved my problem, thank you very much :-D

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I had the same issue (but solved it, read below).

My setup:
Intel i7 2600K,
8GB DDR3 Ram,
a GTX 570 and a GT 210.

The GTX 570 is driving my main display, while the GT 210 is driving my second and third monitor (third using HDMI).

I solved the problem by restarting the computer (don't know if necessary) and after the computer had started I first crashed once, then disconnected both second and third display and was able to launch without problems. After that I was able to launch with all three displays connected.

So I guess the benchmark (that is not verified since I can't reproduce it anymore and test with -nobenchmark) does not work well with either just multiple monitors or multiple monitors connected to different graphics cards.

Is there a way to force a benchmark on start-up?

Thanx esas for you dugestion, i fixed ot by rining from steam with "-nobenchmark" as manager has told me... How is game runing on your computer, i should recieve almost same configuration in three days :-)

Yes, always when you don't use -nobenchmark command, so game starts with benchmark.

Can you attach your dxdiag please?

OK, I did attach the dxdiag file, but in two days i will have new computer, so i don't know if it will help you

From the Dxdiag file, it seems like the Computer's not up to ArmA3 real requirements..

Oh, that :-D, i know it, but it is running better than ARMA2OA :-D.
as was saying the problem with running the game was solved by -nobenchmark command

Seems to have been resolved.