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AI Behaviour Glitch on Exiting Vehicle
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If a soldier is in a "SAFE" behaviour when exiting a vehicle, they will not remove their weapon attached to their back, and shall fail to move. {F16720}


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  • Go to editor
  • Place down a vehicle
  • Place a passenger in the vehicle under "SAFE" behaviour. Via this setBehaviour "SAFE" or by a waypoint.
  • Have the unit unloaded.

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Heres a test script I put together for this issue. I believe it effects any setBehaviour type and not just SAFE. This bug means AI exiting a vehicle never reach unitReady true. Removing the setBehaviour line below fixes the issue

  • spawn

private ["_group", "_leader1", "_unit", "_vehicle", "_continue", "_boarded", "_disembarked"];

_group = createGroup east;
_leader1 = _group createUnit ["O_Soldier_TL_F", getPos player, [], 0 , "NONE"];

for "_i" from 0 to (3) do

		_unit = _group createUnit ["O_Soldier_F", getPos player, [], 0 , "NONE"];


_group setBehaviour "SAFE";

_vehicle = createVehicle ["O_Ifrit_F", getPos player, [], 0, "NONE"];
_group addVehicle _vehicle;
units _group orderGetIn true;

_continue = false;
while { !_continue } do

		_boarded = true;
			if!(_x in _vehicle) then
				_boarded = false;
		} forEach units _group;
		if(_boarded) then { _continue = true };


diag_log "ALL BOARDED";
sleep 2;
_group leaveVehicle _vehicle;

_continue = false;
while { !_continue } do

		_disembarked = true;
			if(_x in _vehicle) then
				_disembarked = false;
		} forEach units _group;
		if(_disembarked) then { _continue = true };




		diag_log format["%1 IS READY: %2", _x, unitReady _x];

} forEach units _group;


true, this should be fixed.

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oukej added a comment.Jul 29 2014, 7:13 PM

I believe this was fixed quite a long time ago. Can you, please, confirm?
Thanks a lot! We are sorry for the delayed response

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