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Helicopter too light?
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Hello, is it my impression or the helicopter seems to have a very light mass?
Most of all, dont know how real it is, but it seems to be too much agile, especially at over 100km/h speeds and it changes directions too fast, like if it had real quantity of movement to contrast/ resist the direction change. It can be just my impression


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Just fly the helicopter and when you get at a quite high speed, especially from over 200s ,try change direction upwards , downwards, left right, for example.

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see if others report this, especially feedback from people more accustomed/experienced with helicopters :)

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Which helicopter? the Ah/Mh-9 is very nimble even at high speed. I do agree though, the inertia doesn't feel completely correct but it does feel like a design choice because helicopters in A2 were very similar. Probably have to wait for more helis to test against.

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Military helos in reality are pretty agile overall. Should put some more details in for the devs.

such as the helo, the effects you think should be changed, etc.

As a real helicopter pilot, I know that many helicopters are capable of completing such a maneuver, but it isa stressing task for both the aircraft and the passengers.
Keep in mind that the '200s' is 200 kilometers per hour, which converts to about 124 miles per hour. At those speeds, certain helicopters can perform these types of maneuvers, but I have not actually seen the action in-game, but the Ah/Mh-9 as the helicopter doing said action does seem quite a bit odd.
Just my knowledge, don't get butthurt and rage over the Internet about this.

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at start i wrote the ticket for the heli in the showcase mission which is of bigger than the little bird, and not only i had doubts about his agility dbut it really felt that its inertia is wrong.

and i heard of helicopters that at high speed have incredible characteristics ( i think of the hind because of his wing pods, and the cleaner kamov)
what details should i put?

After it, i flown the little bird, and its has uber manouverability and so quick stunts you can do seem a bit too much. ( not that i think its moves a lot, but it has such manouverability that you can roll it in its axes too quickly )
all of it is in my opinion.

And for the matter, i am not getting butthurt, i just dont feel its right to have them mh-9 managing to do souccessive rolls, , putting it looking horizontantly and istantly change direction at low speed, its a bit too much. ( and i am not talking about the pedal work, but about having the main rotor pushing horizontly instead of normal flight for example) and expressing my opinion and concerns.

others can test if needed too, and more experienced people for such characteristics than me...and sorry for the english/grammar.

and if there is something that i am not happy to see, is the last comment you did: ''dont get butthurt..... ''

at least for the movements, to check on the horizontal axis relative to the ground ( most of all on the little bird)

Yes, I apologize, that was my brother being immature. I asked him to finish writing it for me. Again I apologize.

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They are extremely too light. It feels blimpish. They should be more effected by gravity. They need to fall like a rock when there is no downward thrust. Quick landings are impossible because you can't drop altitude fast enough. And I know this is the reason behind why the helicopters are able to do flips and barrel rolls with such ease.

I agree, the air crafts (vehicles in general too), feel somewhat light and jumpy, with little consistency.

I do not want difficult controls, they should be responsive and precise, but I would like to feel like I'm moving metal, not plastic.

Chopper physics have been extensively tweaked, can't be bothered to look for the other ticket now but keyword is "helicopter beta physics".