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When using 3 screens mouse does not work
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When using 3 screens and the default screen being 1, the game opens up in screen 1 but the mouse does not work. You then need to click on screen 2 and the game jumps to screen 3 now the mouse works.

Problem being if screen one is your main screen you will need to set screen 3 as screen 1. Tried this on my home PC same think happens with different spec


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i73770k with a GTX690

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Also it renders screen 2 3 un usable they are black screens when in game

Worked fine for me..

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You need to have Fullscreen windowed mode to see other screens with running game.

Fullscreen windowed is on i have arma2 as well and this is fine i have tried this on 2 PC with 3 screens and some issues

Is this issue still valid?

Apparently not. If the issue does still occur, please open a new ticket asking for this one to be re-opened.