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Changing profile name impossible
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When trying to change the default profile name the field "name" is inactive. And the only active button is "apply". But when pushing it says:"you cannot change the default profile name" and leaves you on that screen. So you can't leave the screen in any way. {F16708}


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Closed the game with alt+F4 and restarted it. The problem stayed .

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I noticed this as well.

*edit* I was mistaken, couldn't change the name of the default profile which is a bummer as well.

Not true.
You can't change the DEFAULT player name which is automatically the computer's user name.
If you create a new one, you can customize the name.
It's the same as ArmA 1 and 2

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Yes, you can't change the name, but once you're on that screen, you can't leave - that's the problem

Im not able to reproduce. Please provide exact steps to reproduce this issue. Thank you

I had a cancel button at the bottom, and I'm sure that ESC still worked

I had the same problem.

In-game I had no name, just blank space and in the profile menu I clicked "edit" and it said "you cannot change the default profile name" or something like that.
I could not even go back in the menus anymore, had to alt+tab and close ArmA3 in the task manager and restart.

A friend helped me out. He told me how to add the profile/name string value in the registry manually. I had only the (default) string. My friend told me to create a new string value called "name" (or "profile"? Don't remember), in the string I typed in my name. When I started ArmA3 then, I had a name in the game and could customize my character in the profile menu.

I don't remember the exact registry path, was probably something with local machine, windows, bohemia interactive, arma3 alpha.

Cannot repro in current version, even though I cleared the player name in the registry before starting the game.

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