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Ragdolls too heavy and not random.
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New ragdoll system is great but not random at all, if units standing still they will always land on the ground same way after being hit. Also they will not move after big detonation which makes it very unrealistic and stiff. {F16706}


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  1. Spawn soldier in editor
  2. Shoot him
  3. Watch the ragdoll animation

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After detonation characters did not move by inch from position where they were standing. They feel like welded to the ground.

It looks random to me.. try playing the game more ofter. You can clearly see the life get shot out of them after the last hit.

On the picture you can see, there was a big boom and bodies did not move for a inch. I am not talking about exploding bodies but at least should be moved away from explosion.

After hitting the ground, they stop being ragdoll so of course they won't move at explosions. The reason is if it stays a ragdoll forever, it would take too much ressources from your computer.

Also, adding animations with ragdoll (like in red dead redemption) is way too much time consuming to do for the devs and really useless. Don't forget that it's a military sim.

That, and Explosions don't actually move you much I think, though I suppose depends on the exact distance and size of the boom.

I planted big charge just under few civilian characters and explosion did not move them even for 1m away. In the real world they would be pieces of bodies in 100m distance... i am not expecting that much gore but it would be nice to at least see them to be pushed away at least few meters and then I do understand bodies should not be ragdolls any longer.

Explosion what you can see on the picture is from c4 charge planted just under their legs... they died same way and did not move at all.

When i blow myself up being about 20m away, i get thrown another good 20m.

But I have noticed that sometimes the Ragdolls are bugged (shot an AI in the leg and the leg was stuck to the ground but the body ragdolled)

It will get polished i feel.

MIG989 : Well, one solution would be to enable a limited number of ragdoll at a time (like in Mount & Blade for exemple).

My understanding is the reason the bodies will not move after they settle is because of restrictions in Germany that ban games that allow manipulation of bodies.

I imagine that ragdolling corpses will also be a problem in multiplayer.

One thing I've not been clear on is how BIS would handle ragdoll in multiplayer -- if bodies are falling in different positions on different clients, it means different players have different lines of sight and (some modicum) of cover from a body. Tossing bodies into new positions just complicates it further.

If a client transmits the final position of a fresh body, and all clients thereupon treat it as a static object, that would simplify things a lot.

Better ragdolls are called for, indeed. I propose a half-MoCap animation, half-ragdoll system. Also, allow ragdolls to be moved after death.

You can't "interact" in any way with dead bodies to to german laws, so BIS wont have to make a different version for Germany (and slow down the dev process)

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