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Cheater/Hacker - a guy killed 2 people in like 2 seconds (one through the wall)
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Me and my 2 friends were checking the train station near Novaya Petrovka at the railroad crossing. As we were looting the Military Train crash/wreck, we heard gunshots coming from the way that we came. We were checking where the shots were coming from. As we were coming to each other, I was standing behind the wall and this guy killed me in like a 0.5 seconds, right after I died, he killed my friend in the same amount of time. He couldn't kill me legitimately, because I was standing behind a concrete wall and there was only a small gap in front of me under the wall, but he would only break my legs and make me bleed, or make me unconsciousness. He was also shooting very fast. I don't know exactly what gun he had.. My friend is saying that he had Vikhr. You can see it in the video I will sent in the attachment.

After he killed me and my friend, he came to the 2nd friend and told him : What happened to your friends _____ (underscores indicate the n-word he told him at the end of the sentence).
He said something to him, the cheater went behind the wall, my friend was ready to kill him the moment he would came out from behind the wall. The moment he pulled out his gun, he knocked him unconscious again through the wall and then killed him.

There's no way he's legit.

IP of the server :
Server name : DayZ EU - DE 1363
Time of the accident : approximately 13:49-13:50 CEST ; 5/5/2024
My Steam64ID : 76561198817640678
My 1st friends Steam64ID : 76561198204011437
My 2nd friends Steam64ID : 76561198220380387
Game version : 1.24.157828

I hope, that he will be banned.
I wish you a good day.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3527)

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Thank you, we will investigate with BattlEye.

Good day,
Has anything happened since I wrote this report?

Thank you.

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Zdar, mrkni na můj report, podle mě je to boj s větrnými mlýny 🗡