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After Update, built bases still capture quickly
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After Update, built bases still capture very quickly. I built-up a coastal base with almost all of the de-facto supply points, while somebody built many (thousands) of barricades.

A three to four crew of enemy (could have been six to eight enemy, but no more) quickly walked into camp and almost took the camp very easily, without destroying any of the two antenna towers.

The update noted built-up camps are more difficult to capture. I, so far, experienced no change in capture time. All of the time spent building seemed futile efforts.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
With latest updates
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join an official Bohemia game server.
  2. Build-up one of the major bases, building all de-facto supply points along with hundreds/thousands of barricades.
  3. Wait for the enemy and denote the amount of time the enemy easily take over the base, against with what the change log states.
Additional Information

Think this is the statement within the change log. (Sometimes the notes are elusive or non-descriptive, but pretty sure my interpretation is correct.) Changelog
Playable Content
"Fixed: Building and dismantling services in bases now have a real-time effect on the seizing timer"

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Hello rogerx.
Are you using services to increase the timer or just barricades? Barricades don't increase the capture timer and I we are not sure if quantity of the same services do. The only thing that increases timer are unique services, so if you want to increase timer you have to build Vehicle depots, arsenal, living quarters, antenna, etc. and not just multiple of the same kind.

If it still does not work for you then please supply us with video too, so we can actually see the behaviour you are experiencing."

After Update, built bases still capture quickly
All service objects were built. Yes, there were hundreds/thousands of
barricades, but due to significantly lack of text documentation (and
using YouTube videos substituting for good old tried and true text
files), I (or we) now know barricade objects have little affect on the
timer for capturing.

Within the actual game play environment with other actual remote
players, I experienced little differences with time for capturing a

Capturing still happens pretty quickly. If the calculation for
increasing the timer is only 10-30%, I'd suggest doubling the amount
of time for having all services built. I likely know, if implemented,
I'll regret the suggestion. Then again, it's only a suggestion for
significantly exemplifying, having all services built extends the
capture time.

Also affecting the time maybe the number of troops/enemy within the
base at the time of capture.

Doing so may also affect the AI troops effectiveness, as such, simply
one person cannot easily or ever capture a base having two or more

On the flip, if a real world base only has one troop present with a
large amount of services, should be pretty easy to walk right into the
base and take the base.

Really gets down to a game play scenario versus real world scenario.
You're probably building two sets of databases (for
timers/speed/increments values), one containing real world values
(easy), with a second database having game play values, with game play
values being more difficult due to judge/balance, as game play values
are based upon how you perceive the game play should progress.

Also experiencing how the red team somehow have an advantage over blue
team. From the obvious bases captured, looks like they're finding-out
where the blue team's main base is, as well as other players
exclaiming red team has terrain advantage on the map(s).

As I said, this is likely a game play issue, as you probably already
are basing off of real world values.

My guess on this, can always try doubling the value, and maybe the
game play scenario will slow down significantly enough, to where the
red for team doesn't try to quickly end the game.

Otherwise, mark as closed.

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