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After Update, Building/Support Supplies no longer increases Rank
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After Update, Building/Support Supplies no longer increases rank much at all. After one to two hours of playing with building and providing/trucking supplies, I only then finally increased rank to Corporal, while all others have excelled to Sergeant or Lieutenant!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
With latest updates
Steps To Reproduce

Join an official Bohemia ARMA Reforger server.

Play for one to two hours only providing supplies and/or building.

After almost two hours (maybe slightly more), rank may or may not have increased to Corporal, while all other players have excelled in rank with their pew-pew three dimensional computer graphical rendered guns.

Additional Information

Personally, I think the ranking system is still garbage. Only prevents those with a job and money, from apparently progressing, while those spending all day on the server apparently gains from the rank.

The ranking system should rapidly increase rank for players known for the past years dedication and completed tasks within the game, while those players spending 12-24 hours straight a day still stuck on Plan A should progress more slowly with rank.

One way around this, known players are always given Sergeant rank, once they've spent time within one or two games. (eg. If the player has a new account, inhibit slow ranking, until they've spent adequate time.)

Working people usually only get one to two hours a day (at most) of free time they can spend wasting away in front of a computer monitor sitting, doing nothing.

After volunteering my free time for submitting bugs, I now have to go make my biscuits and read my Bible. (Do note, reading a Bible is free, versus sitting around playing games, and more beneficial for your mental health, rather than playing games.)

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2024.02.15: Last evening, about 1 hour to 1.5 hours to increase from Private to Corporal rank, only building a delivering supplies, avoiding most enemy contact. Think I may have still rubbed-out one or two enemy, while avoiding action, focusing only on building and delivering supplies. About another hour for Sergeant or Lieutenant ranks.

I usually also wear the radio too, and will increase score with delivering players.

My suggestion here, may desire to increase rank sooner for building and delivering supplies, while decreasing the amount of rank for capturing bases. Doesn't seem well balanced at all, especially for the older players whom pay for the game.

I noticed when I do participate with capturing bases, rank very quickly increases, to about Sergeant and/or Lieutenant within an hour or much sooner.

With Reforger, I think many older people are going to avoid the front line action. The action is far too childish like currently, similar to the 3D game Quake, with players bouncing back and forth with little to no recoil. Most older people will likely hang back away from this weird type of activity. Not many good sniping places either within the maps, and is cluttered with obstructive views from non-removable foliage.

Suggestion: Every skill, whether building or capturing bases, get equal rank. Once a player has all of the unique skills, exponentially quicken/increase rank, but slow the rank to officer. Players should be able to create a helicopter pad after ~30 minutes, while spawning helicopters should be only ~60 minutes. The only current method of attaining these ranks within this amount of time is by only capturing bases with other player, deterring supplies and building. With the current ranking, a player can likely quickly become an sergeant/officer rank without any building or supply experience.

Also, with the current ranking experience, the ranking points (capture points) is likely condoning a quick ending for a game, while not focusing on the other aspects of the game, such as supplies, building and creating barricades, etc.