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Mouse Sensitivity Sliders
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Hello, i would like to suggest a change in the way mouse sensitivity is done in DAYZ. In my opinion the sensitivity sliders are outdated. They are inaccurate and for me(someone who plays alot of FPS shooters) i try to maintain the same sensitivity throughout all games i play. In DAYZ I have to test around with changing my DPI and testing different DPI with different points on the slider and i cannot get somewhat close to my normal sensitivity. And in a game like DAYZ missing just one shot can be devastating so I really think having a better sensitivity system would be a good QoL change. Being able to fine-tune your sensitivity with numbers would be amazing. There could also be an option to use the old slider system for those who are used to it and dont really care about all this stuff. I think this is an easy change to make, but I am not a developer so idk.
I would be happy if this makes it into the game as a small QoL change.


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sMr created this task.Sat, Feb 10, 4:01 PM
sMr added a comment.Sat, Feb 10, 4:06 PM

Btw, i was send to this forum by DAYZ Twitter to submit my request here.

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I do agree with this ^

I've been fine tuning my sensitivity in various games for years now tbh. I change it quite often

With DayZ I find often that the "ticks" within the sensitivity bar have too much of a drastic change. For example, 1 tick higher may be too high, but 1 tick lower may be too low. Some nice precise numbers including decimals could be a nice change

Not a huge deal though tbh, but maybe a nice lil thing