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Can not attach magazine to held weapon. Experimental patch
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Can not attach magazine to held weapon after "swapping" it with an item in inventory. Must drop weapon and pick it back up to enable re-attaching magazine. Game skips magazine removal animation and immediately places it in the inventory if dragged and dropped on top of a single stack of ammunition. Magazine will be placed in inventory, the stack of ammunition is moved elsewhere in the inventory and the game does not allow you to hold R to reload or drag any compatible magazines on to the weapon.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Hold weapon in hands with magazine attached. Ensure there is space in inventory the magazine will fit. Block space with single-slot item; I used a stack of ammo. Example: Using a 30 round magazine and 1x3 empty slot, place stack onto the top of slot so that when dragged, it replaces the single-slot item.
Drag magazine from held weapon onto the single-slot item. Magazine will immediately move to inventory without any removal animation and it will move the single -slot item to another space in the inventory.
Now the weapon can not have a magazine re-attached via dragging or holding R-key.
Drop weapon, pick weapon back up, and now it behaves normally and allows the reloading of magazines.

Additional Information

Tested with the AUR-AX, SVAL, and FX-45. All three weapons and their magazines behaved this way.
I have a screen recording of issue.

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Resolved for 1.24 stable.