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Extend RemoteObjectTreeCreate and RemoteObjectTreeDelete
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I've been running into the same limitations a few times now, which is, that you cannot show an item for only a certain player / certain players.
It would be cool to extend the RemoteObjectTreeCreate function to also take a PlayerIdentity and only add the object to the network for this player
I have no idea if that is even possible with the underlying network code, but from what I would expect, it should not be too hard to do.
Basically my suggestion would be to change proto native void RemoteObjectCreate( Object obj ); to proto native void RemoteObjectCreate( Object obj, PlayerIdentity player = null);
and the same for proto native void RemoteObjectTreeCreate( Object obj ); to proto native void RemoteObjectTreeCreate( Object obj, PlayerIdentity player = null);
This would enable us to properly make things like personal storage chests only visible for one player or other systems where one or more players can see a specific item.
How the new function would work would be as follows:
RemoteObjectDelete and RemoteObjectTreeDelete deletes the item for everyone on the server and clears the list of players added via RemoteObjectCreate
RemoteObjectCreate and RemoteObjectTreeCreate would either behave exactly the same when the PlayerIdentity is null (create it for all players). Or when a PlayerIdentity is given, it will be added to a list of players who receive the item, so it is not limited to only one player, but also more players.


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Windows 11 x64

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Hello LBmaster.
The devs have gone over this internally but unfortunately it would not be possible to implement without impact to performance with regards to the number of objects tracked in the world. Therefore there are no plans to introduce this for the future versions of the game.

Okay, that's what I expected, so we have to either spawn items only client side or try to hide it for other players.
Thanks for the answer anyways.