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[Feature Request] WaypointCompleted group eventhandler
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atm you need to add code via (unless I am missing an alternative)

a group EH would be way more flexible. and just for situation where its the last WP with SAD/SENTRY/DESTROY that timeout eventually (and you want to repeat them)

it could also may the SUPPORT type useful that way (its one off-use only and AI gets out of the support vehicle upon completion) [pretty sure in OFP that wasnt the case - you could call them via radio menu again and again. was very helpful on tank missions]

or if a MOVE WP times out (usually with vehicles but also infantry can get stuck)

_group // ref
_waypointType // string
_waypointIndex // int
_lastWaypoint // bool

_timedOut // bool - false if WP condition was met; true if WP type timeout hit instead (int instead of bool if there can be multiple reasons for a timeout?)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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We'll try to research and provide some documentation on the timeouts of different WP types.

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Destroy task. transitions into a so called "Brown Move" when it cannot find the target.
They then issue a move order to the targets last known position.

Once they are done with that move, there is a counter in the FSM.
5 more times they do a random movement, each of which taking about 20 seconds (Calculates distance of the move based on speed and time). And if they all don't produce results, the WP is aborted.

Sentry has the same kinda thing... For some reason its code is reversed and the counter counts up instead of down :D
It does.. 5 random movements around teamleader positions. Then lets units return to Sentry WP.

As far as I can see the Sentry "wait" part, doesn't have a timeout.

SAD has the same, its counter is 5 random movements.

The "Move" timeout is just when the group itself decides they are done, has no commands to work on anymore.
That would happen when their move command fails/is cancelled. But that's not part of the waypoint FSM.

Move fail is issued when the Pathfinding failed 3 times, I think with 10 seconds gaps inbetween.