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Weapons from Large Presents
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Seeing that last year you could get a VSD from the large presents, but I had horrible luck getting a weapon that's the size of 27, 30, or 45

So, I did some testing with this random preset for the large present. Seems to not be possible to get them due to their size. Can this be increase to 30 instead of 25 for next year? [5x6; 30 Slot] Would be great for community servers that make custom present containers.

Here is my entry for spawnable types file.

	<type name="GiftBox_Large_1">
		<cargo preset="Xmas_Weapons_Large" />
	<type name="GiftBox_Large_2">
		<cargo preset="Xmas_Weapons_Large" />
	<type name="GiftBox_Large_3">
		<cargo preset="Xmas_Weapons_Large" />
	<type name="GiftBox_Large_4">
		<cargo preset="Xmas_Weapons_Large" />

Here is my entry for the random preset file.

		<cargo chance="1.00" name="Xmas_Weapons_Large">
			<item name="SVD" chance="0.05" />
			<item name="M14" chance="0.05" />
            <item name="M16A2" chance="0.10" />
            <item name="SKS" chance="0.10" />
            <item name="CZ550" chance="0.10" />
            <item name="Mosin9130" chance="0.10" />
            <item name="Winchester70" chance="0.10" />
            <item name="Ruger1022" chance="0.15" />
            <item name="Mp133Shotgun" chance="0.15" />
            <item name="Scout" chance="0.15" />
			<item name="SSG82" chance="0.15" />
            <item name="B95" chance="0.15" />
            <item name="CZ527" chance="0.15" />
            <item name="Crossbow_Wood" chance="0.15" />

The clip attach shows that in three attempts shows that it is impossible to get a weapon that is larger than 25 [then the box itself] although it may be seem obvious that it is impossible.


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Windows 7

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You'll need to override the inventory size if you want that

You'll need to override the inventory size if you want that

I was putting that in as a suggestion for it to change the vanilla value to 30 slots, because on console you cannot change the inventory size. I was testing this on a pc server. Hense why I made a pc report because I have no test server on console to see if you could still get the VSD from the old files.

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Jan 2 2024, 11:27 AM