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Missing VR map
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When I try to go into the virtual arsenal, the game will quit and say world not found. It also has a pop-up window saying VR map not found when booting the game. I wonder


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Virtual Arsenal

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kk666 created this task.Dec 3 2023, 11:12 PM
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Need your log file as described here:

kk666 added a comment.Jan 14 2024, 2:17 AM

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You are loading some corrupted mod.
Maybe you recognize what this is:
"Nvme_Game" "fit_on_backpack_nnwinter_v8"

I haven't seen that before.
There are lots of errors spammed in your logs, due to bad mods that you're loading.

It also looks like some pbo's in your addons folder are corrupted.
map_vr.pbo is corrupt. map_stratis_data.pbo is missing.

Verify your game files in Steam.
Then please try it without loading any mods. It's likely that some of your mods intentionally breaks this.