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[] (Visual) Grenade repin animation uses unpin animation, pin permanently missing afterward
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Title. It seems all grenades with pins use the unpin animation upon repinning. Naturally this looks quite strange if you do it right after pulling the pin. Once unpinned (and "repinned"), the pin never seems to return to that specific grenade. Repin sound seems to be correct.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.19045 Build 19045
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play as any unit with a pinned grenade
  2. Equip any grenade with a pin
  3. Prepare to throw grenade (unpin) by holding [LMB], then repin with [R]
  4. Observe pinning animation twice, and missing pin after "repin"
  5. Put away the pinless grenade or drop it
  6. The grenade will be pinless if you pull it out again or observe it dropped on the ground.
  7. Picking up the pinless grenade will not give its pin back.
  8. Throwing a different grenade will not bring the pinless grenade's pin back.
Additional Information

This was definitely not in the previous stable version, and I believe it was introduced in Experimental.

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