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Stand by loading gmae
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every time i try to start a game it gets stuck on the "stand by loading game" i can still use menus in the background . i can also join game without an issuse


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

start the game, click strategy, choose any map, click play.

Additional Information

i tried uninstalling and re installing but still have the same issue

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Hello skidmorep.
Please make sure firewall is not blocking Steam or Silica.
Also would it be possible to upload player log for us?

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Bohemia Interactive\Silica\Player.log

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i think these are the log files and yes its allowed i can play single player fine. and i can also join other players. i just cannot host my own multiplayer match.

it also does it for any multiplayer mode not just strategy. i even tried turning off my firewall.

Geez added a comment.Dec 6 2023, 12:53 PM

Thank you.
Unfortunately the logs do not contain where you tried to host a multiplayer game. The log is wiped every time the game is started up. Could you please try the following steps and send us the log again?

  1. Delete the existing log
  2. Start up the game, go into Play
  3. Select Strategy
  4. Make sure Single Player Only is NOT ticked
  5. Select a map and start the match
  6. Once the Stand by Loading Game shows up, wait at least 1 minute
  7. If it succeeds, all is well, if not, please quit the game with the exit button or ALT + F4
  8. Send us the newly created log file

Thank you for understanding!

good news after installing the patch today its working

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