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Server Launcher extremely broken, almost impossible to play the game
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There are multiple extreme intertwining issues with the server launcher, even as a 10 year DayZ player who has been through every single itteration of the server browsers, I end up simply not being able to play.


  1. Server search feature takes a minimum of five minutes to load, even with the exact name of the wanted server given.
  2. The search results given after FIVE MINUTES OF WAITING! are ALWAYS faulty, IF there are any at all.
  3. The direct connect feature does not work. It no longer crashes the launcher like it used to, now it simply does nothing instead.
  4. Players favorites lists are deleted REGULARLY, at least once per major update. Often more regularly.
  5. Trying to join a server through the launcher requires a game restart.


  1. & 2. (Server search function) :

"Spaggies Vanilla Chernarus Green" typed into search bar. After five minutes of loading: 0 results.

Then only "spaggies" typed into search bar. After FIVE MINUTES three results, luckily this time spaggies green was listed.
"Spaggies Namalsk Regular Blue" never appeared in any search, even though google says it is currently online and gives ping and player numbers. Good luck if you want to play on that server.

Google on the other hand can give me the exact server name, ip, ping player count and more of those servers in under ONE SECOND.
The dedicated DayZ launcher with it's only job being to route me to my chosen server cannot?
Or takes extremely long if it luckily happens to succeed?

  1. Direct Connect:

As stated above the direct connect function does nothing.
This is a huge step up from the previous patch where trying to direct connect would simply crash the launcher.

  1. Favorites deleted on the regular

Thankfully, even though the launcher throws all these stick in our way, we can use the favorites list we saved to finally be able to play.
I am kidding, because the favorites lists of me and my friends are deleted on the regular, at least once per major update.
Often more regularly.
Sometimes the list stays, but all of the servers in the list are greyed out with a "locked" symbol.

Me (10 year DayZ player) and my friend (9 years) after a long time were excited to play the new update.
Because of the above named issues we FAILED to join Spaggies Green.
We were forced to play on an official server (uh oh).
Because the patch was relatively new, most official servers were lagging and stuttering annoyingly (fun).
After twenty minutes or so an invisible person threw a grenade inbetween me and my friend + another freshie
(this happened to me the previous day in an empty open field aswell)
I came back to the corpses and met another guy who asked me to join his "hacker raid", him and his friends with hacks were going to raid a base.
Then the invisible single-chambered sporter man one tapped us each with 100% headshot accuracy through walls.

We stopped playing and have not played together since.

If you can't join the SOMEWHAT safe community servers because of the launcher,
can't play on the OFFICIAL servers hosted BY YOU (terrible lag, guaranteed hacker deaths for 3+ years)...
HOW am I supposed to recommend this game to anyone, or enjoy it myself?

At this point I CANNOT recommend anyone to buy my favorite game.
PLEASE fix at least the launcher.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Try to search for a server in the launcher, save it as favorites or direct connect.

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We regularly get players in our discord saying they can't find our server in the launcher and that direct connect doesn't work either. I believe it's mainly EU players with the issue and our server is hosted in NA.
our server: - OrganicRP - Enhanced Vanilla

I believe it's mainly EU players with the issue and our server is hosted in NA.

our server: - OrganicRP - Enhanced Vanilla

Intresesting, but as a EU player who only plays on EU servers I still have this problem a lot.

Hello. It happened again. My friend used red launcher to join podpivas winter.
I wanted to join too, i typed podpivas into the official launcher. after 5 minutes ONE result, only one of the many podpivas servers displayed.
Tried again, didnt find it. went to friends tab, he is not displayed there even though he is online on steam and on the server (not in the queue, actively playing and walking around).
I am now installing DZSA launcher and joining through that.
I can download, install and join through DZSA launcher before THE OFFICIAL!! launcher even goes through a single server search with exact filters!! (and then fails to find the server)