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Aimbot Hacker caugt on Chernarus
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I was playing DayZ Standalone 1.23 on PC when I encountered a hacker. I was running towards a car, while checking the environment. Only zombies were standing around. As I entered the vehicle, started the engine and began to drive, the hacker was shooting at me right after I started driving. Notice, that I have had a plate carrier and miliatry helmet and I have only received one shot before going unconscious. Hitting the head while driving is nearly impossible over this distance. I guess that the hacker uses a wall- and aimhack. The incident happened to me on 21.11.2023 between 16:15 and 16:30 in the town Grishino. My character name was " " (an empty space), my steam64ID 76561198291657630, my steam name "Knucklheads" and the Steam ID was "ciscoswitch2950". It happened on the server "DayZ NL 3664704 (Public) - Hosted by". Please investigate and ban the hacker. Moreover, check also the previous days and kills of other survivors of the hacker who killed me. Check the position where was standing and if it was possible to hit the other ones. I have been killed by the same guy (pretty sure) in many other very very strange cases. I have uploaded a video of proof:


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Windows 10 x64
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