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Drone/Helicopter Functionality bug - (Edit: Resolved)
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 Hello, I have encountered a problem recently that I feel necessary to report. The issue I am having has to do with quadcopter drones and helicopters, and essentially renders them useless in the game.

 Basically the issue is that for some reason they now appear to have some type of capped altitude limit at about 3 meters off the ground. They are quite slow to raise altitude (pressing L-shift from the ground it might take 30 seconds or so to reach 3 meters.) as if they are really struggling to raise altitude...and the second that I let go of L-shift they rapidly lose altitude and slam into the ground and either explode or are severely damaged.
 Terrain does not appear to affect it, so in other words, I can take off on top of a mountain and fly higher over the terrain below (while slowly decreasing altitude no matter how hard I try to stay in the air), but if I take off in a low valley it will not follow terrain and it will just crash into the side of the hill/mountain if it is too steep.
 "Auto-hover" does not do anything either. The unit will still lose altitude the same, and the "auto-hover" function appears to do absolutely nothing.

 I first noticed this with the AR-2 Darter drone, but I've noticed that the same applies with nearly any type of quadcopter drone or helicopter in the game.

I have also noticed that if I am in the "pilot" seat of the drone or helicopter the issue is present. If I am in the "gunner" seat the drone/helicopter appears to function normally.

I do use mods (via Steam workshop) and I have tried uninstalling potentially problematic mods (didnt work), tried running the game without any mods loaded (also didn't work), tried uninstalling and re-installing the game (multiple times), and most recently I completely deleted all of my mods from the PC, and re-installed only the base game and even that still didn't work.

It seems that this issue began sometime around late June (2023), and i've been seeing stuff on the homepage about the Spearhead 1944 update/dlc being released around that time, and wonder if that could possibly have anything to do with it?...I would think more people would have issues in that case...

I was also running some mods like AR-2 grenade dropping mods, counter drone weaponary and vehicle mods, drones fit in backpack and such, so that could definitely be the culprit...but they seemed to work fine before, and I would think that uninstalling these mods should fix any issues, right?
I just wanted to report this issue and see if anyone else has anything similar, or can suggest anything else to try and fix. It has been going on for a few months now and is quite annoying not being able to use drones or helicopters at all.


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I'm not able to reproduce this - the Darter is behaving normally for me.

Check if you have any other control devices connected to your PC. It sounds like you might have something generating constant downwards input. Look for flight sticks and throttles, gamepads, or extra keyboards. Also, check your keybinds to make sure the Collective Up axis hasn't accidentally become bound to something unexpected.

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Excellent, I think you nailed it, bud!...It appears to have been the flight stick/throttle. "Collective Raise" appears to have also been keybinded to something (perhaps when I re-installed). By deleting that keybinding that seems to have resolved it. Thank you!

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