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container_1aoh.p3d: missing \dz\structures\industrial\containers\data\misc_cargo1b_int_co.paa
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container_1aoh.p3d: missing \dz\structures\industrial\containers\data\misc_cargo1b_int_co.paa


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Windows 7

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Lugge2 created this task.Sun, Sep 17, 8:19 PM

You hould've combined all those into one ticket

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Mon, Sep 18, 11:21 AM

yes i started with one, did not expect to find so many. It would have bin better combinding them. I gave up after some time. There are so many errors in the files that i stoped fixing them at some point. I think if they would pack the files with miceros tool they could just fix so many issues at once. I mean there are so many doors not working bc they have a space in the names and stuff like that.

Exactly, 100%. Original dayz addon builder is soo unreliable, so many mistakes come through. At the beginning when I was using it I could spend hours just to find missing coma or something like that, on the other hand Mikero's packer is like a true magic compared to it. I noticed those small misstales too (missing rvmats/wrong paths and so), but since they mostly doing nothing about much much bigger problems, I doubt somebody gonna fix such small flaws on a 10y.o game, but who knows

And yea, doors.... so many with displaced open/close sound. You open it on the 2nd floor, the sound is somewhere on the first. But this particular one became more like a feature already