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Kicked for "Unstable Connection" that is verified not unstable
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Constantly being kicked for unstable connection; It isn't.

It would be great to know what criteria constitutes an unstable connection, because whatever reason I'm getting kicked, the connection isn't it.

I have a local server on my LAN. It's a 12th gen i7 that idles at about 15-17k server FPS and runs almost 10k FPS while playing on it with friends.

I join the LAN IP address with my 13th gen i9/3070Ti/32GB system.

We get random kicks for "unstable connection".

I thought "unstable connection" meant "unstable connection" - go figure. So, I tested the network with iperf and saturated the links with 900Mbps of UDP traffic and had no errors.

I then disabled UDP checksum offloading on both machines and used wireshark to capture and analyze a gaming session between myself and the server where I got kicked. There were 0 failed UDP datagram checksums. I compared the numbers of packets reported by both sides. They matched, so there were no dropped packets between server and client.

I thought maybe the server was thread locked on a core. So I set the max server FPS to 200, making the DayZServer.exe barely use any CPU, even during gameplay, verifying that no core came close to 100% during play, and still got kicked.

I used rivatuner to limit my local FPS to make sure there was no core maxing going on during gameplay on the client side. Still got kicked.

I don't know what the trigger is for "unstable connection", but it isn't an unstable connection.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

The easiest way to reproduce it for me is during a firefight, although sometimes it just happens for no reason, too. Set yourself up with god mode and unlimited ammo in Community Online Tools and go lure all the zeds at the airfield to a common location and start mowing them down with the M4 in full auto, and that's about the quickest way to make it happen.

Although I can't be sure that it's the same reason, it's the same erroneous kick message about unstable connection.

Because the server side of the error says possible speedhack along with it, I have to wonder if it isn't Battleye being stupid?

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Domingo created this task.Sep 16 2023, 6:13 AM

I should also add that setting max ping to an insane number doesn't help, nor does setting the speed hack detection level in the config.

aux7 added a subscriber: aux7.Sep 16 2023, 7:42 AM

I see this Kicked for ""Unstable Connection"" when playing on an official - no mods server about 37km from me

with a ping varying between

16 to 75 (DZSA source)
34 to 67 (DayZ launcher source

I have been kicked off four times now since the last update - 1.22.156656

Domingo added a comment.EditedSep 16 2023, 2:07 PM

When this happens while in a firefight, you will see that hits stop registering just before getting the kick. So I guess the game thinks it's an unstable connection, but it's only unstable within the game's ability to process the data. Whether on the TX or RX side (or both), I have no idea. Also, I've had this happen so many times where I'm the only one on the server.

The official servers kicked me everytime due to unstable connection when i get close to my base.

I found that my save for the values for ping and speedhackdetection on the server had not saved in the config file. I edited those the other day and have since put in about 4-5 hrs without a kick. So it might actually be that setting, but sometime, even before changing the settings, I would get lucky like that. Other times, it was every 10-20 minutes.

Tonight I got a few discons, so the settings didn't fix it.

Someone mentioned in comments of T175603 a workarround is turning off speedhack detection serverside

Thanks. I'm not sure what he means by "server coding". Hex editing the binary? The configs only have the option to be from 1-10, where 10 is the least strict, and where mine is currently set.