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Alternate account timer
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This is not technically a bug. I've been playing dayz for years now! It is by far my favorite game of all time! Having said this wholeheartedly, it's my opinion that the new login for switching accounts is not good. The fact of the matter is for years it's been a fact of the game that someone can have an alternate account and step in and 86 your character or vice versa. It is an even playing field anybody can have an alternate account... But the wait timer takes away from the game! It takes away from the game so much that it makes me want to stop playing. It's not even about getting the upper hand in gameplay, for me and many others it's how we build our bases or set up for our little "missions". Exchange gear between characters and between players. The appeal of this game is the fact that it is gritty and in some cases glitchy... But having a player wait for 15 minutes to be able to switch characters especially on a platform like Xbox it's just unbearable. Like I said before it's almost going to make the game unplayable when you're having to wait 15 minutes on something so simple. I realize some people think that this is some form of cheating, but in my opinion it's not. Please review this see what the majority of other players think especially the ones of us that have been playing this game for years! I personally think that we should be able to switch our accounts in and out whenever we want to. I could even understand putting a limit on how many alternate accounts an IP address can have. Thank you for reading this. This is one of the best games of all time and I thank you for your time and dedication on making it a better! I do sincerely appreciate the time and effort of the developers Dayz has come so far in the past few years!


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