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Launcher unit slot 2 logo fail
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I configured a second unit slot 2 shown in my dashboard, logo successful there. In game, profile thumb also good. Player tab does not show, smoke test. Neither do uni patches. By contrast, dashboard unit slot 1, which I have had established for a while longer, works hundred percent all four cases: dashboard, profile thumb, player tab, uni patch.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Not sure really how/what to repro here. The logo filters at various stages are fairly rigid, in Steam groups, and in, depending on the "complexity" of the logo. However, if it is showing at all through dashboard, profile thumb, I would also expect it appear in player tab and uni patches. But it does not.

Additional Information

What else do yo uneed to know?

Here is the 'healthy' unit (first slot).

Here is the 'suspect' unit (second slot).

FWIW, in both cases, tags are still "good" and are appending as I might expect.

As an aside, not sure what's going on with rankings, how or whether that should affect player names. i.e. would be great if those ranks prepended or something, similar as tags append, but whatever. That is secondary to just having a logo showing.

Verified also that my unit logos appear to be properly cached in my AppData\Local folder in the units directory, so there's that. Verified with TexView 2.

Event Timeline

I see I may not be posting the only report in this regard. Any update, suggestions, workaround, why this does not just work?

I want to report, matter resolved, sort of. In a dedi mp mission, slot 2 images work as expected. I would be curious then to see what happens after that in a self-hosted mission, dev/test scenario, where it was not working as expected.

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