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Plant material full stack now weighs 15kg
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Because this item has an "energy bar" to measure qty, the weigh is all weird now again in 1.22. Please correct.


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Windows 10
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stack plant material to full stack and look at weight of item

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sileed created this task.Sep 4 2023, 4:16 PM
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Hello sileed.
According to our testing it says "About 10kg",
The weight is slightly over 10kg of the full stack which we believe is fine.
It was the same weight on 1.21.

while I'm pleased the weight of plant material got adjusted in exp 1.24, the removal of the ability to split plant material negatively affects our mod where we have re-enabled dyeing of items.

Is there a middle ground? or can you explain why the ability to split the item was removed? I'm assuming you can still combine stacks?? (1.24 files not out yet)

Geez added a comment.Jan 17 2024, 10:20 AM

Hello sileed.
The plant material is still stackable and still running on quantity but it cannot be split any more. The reason behind this was that it was posswible to split it into 350 pieces and it did not make sense for the horticulture purposes to have so many small items.