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PhxInteractionLayers.FIREGEOM removed in 1.22
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I noticed my mods don't work in 1.22, because the FIREGEOM entry in the PhxInteractionLayers enum was removed and I don't see any replacement for it.
I'm using it together with the DayZPhysics.RayCastBullet(); to get a point in the world and ignoring things like bushes and other things, which don't have a collision. That's why I needed the FIREGEOM in there.

What would be an alternative for FIREGEOM ? Or is it going to be added back ?


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
void TestFireGeom() {

	vector camPos = GetGame().GetCurrentCameraPosition();
	vector camDir = GetGame().GetCurrentCameraDirection().Normalized() * 2000.0;
	Object hitObj;
	vector hitPos, hitNormal;
	float fraction;
	PhxInteractionLayers layers = PhxInteractionLayers.ITEM_SMALL | PhxInteractionLayers.ITEM_LARGE | PhxInteractionLayers.VEHICLE_NOTERRAIN | PhxInteractionLayers.BUILDING | PhxInteractionLayers.CHARACTER | PhxInteractionLayers.VEHICLE | PhxInteractionLayers.ROADWAY | PhxInteractionLayers.FIREGEOM | PhxInteractionLayers.DOOR | PhxInteractionLayers.WATERLAYER | PhxInteractionLayers.TERRAIN | PhxInteractionLayers.FENCE | PhxInteractionLayers.AI;
	DayZPhysics.RayCastBullet(camPos, camPos + camDir, layers, GetGame().GetPlayer(), hitObj, hitPos, hitNormal, fraction);


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Hello LBmaster.
This has been fixed for the next experimental update. Also, according to the devs FIREGEOM was unused and nothing was being set to FIREGEOM previously. Therefore you had no reason to use it.

Geez added a comment.EditedJul 31 2023, 11:33 AM

Just to clarify - FIREGEOM will be added back but will be assigned to the same value as RAGDOLL_NO_CHARACTER, which should have no impact.