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Guard Waypoint Issue
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AI squads that have vehicles assigned to them (eg a transport truck or helicopter) will use the vehicles to move to hostile targets their side has seen and "assigned" to the squad with the guard waypoint as I assume is intended.

The problem is once the squad gets near the enemies location they will get stuck in a loop of getting into and out of their vehicle, presumably to try to relocate to a better position to engage the target. In practice what this actually does is force both the vehicle and the squad to stay in a clumped up position, unable to move or engage their target effectively, in extreme cases the vehicle gets destroyed, killing all AI close by.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a squad down in the editor that has a vehicle assigned to the squad that is able to transport them (eg Hunter, Zamak, Hellcat, ect) NOTE: if you are making the squad leader someone other than the driver (which is desirable if you don't want the squad stuck following the truck when they get out) you may need to ensure the squad leader starts outside of the vehicle to ensure they are able to correctly issue orders to the driver/pilot.
  1. place a number of hostile and friendly squads, such that they engage each other and trigger the squad with the guard waypoint to act as a quick reaction force.
  1. squad with guard waypoint will move in the vehicle towards their assigned target.
  1. Upon spotting the enemy assigned to the squad, unit will attempt to disembark vehicle, with drivers stopping or pilots landing.
  1. once squad has gotten out of vehicle they will move to attempt to engage the target for a short time before trying to re-embark their vehicle to reposition, forcing the drive to stay in place or the pilot to land once again.
  1. rinse and repeat steps 4 and 5 until either the hostile is dead or the vehicle is destroyed.
Additional Information

If you need more information about how the guard waypoint is being used in this example, I have made a tutorial video showcasing its use for both infantry with and without a vehicle, though the bug is not seen fully in this instance as it is less pronounced with ground vehicles as it is with aircraft.

I understand it is unlikely that something like this can be fixed without time consuming changes to the AI, but I figured I may as well shine a light on it since it is the only thing stopping the guard waypoint from being the single most useful thing in the game.

P.S if you could add the guard waypoint to Zeus so that people can experience the power of dynamic QRFs without needing people like me to make compositions for it, that would be great!

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You seem to misunderstand. I am not talking about a guard as a unit. I am talking about the guard waypoint. These are two different things.

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