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Inventory mouse actions interrupted if two mice plugged into computer
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If two mice are plugged into a computer, inventory actions are interrupted (click-drag, and left or right click).

I accidentally discovered this not remembering I had a second mouse and keyboard plugged into my PC via a wireless dongle.

I had been using this arrangement to fly aircraft in ARMA 3: I have a regular desk, mouse and keyboard in one corner of the room, then in the other I have a sim-cockpit with my flight controls and a second mouse and keyboard. I understand this is certainly an edge case, but it would be nice if this worked in Reforger.



Operating System
Windows 10
HW Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Plug in two mice
Spawn into any scenario
Try to open a container such as a vehicle and take an inventory item. The failure I'm seeing when this happens is I'm unable to click, click-drag, etc.

Additional Information

Using the X key to take items from inventory does appear to still work. Noting this, I tried resetting my controls to default, which did not change the behavior.

If I spam right and left clicks on the mouse very quickly I can get the inventory action to work. I haven't been able to note a specific sequence of right and left clicks to get this to reliable happen. I just click as fast as I can randomly and after a seemingly random number of clicks the inventory item responds.

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Can confirm that, inventory actions are bugged also while DS4 is connected to PC. I believe that touch section is emulated as mouse what could cause current problems.
Same as T172339

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