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Request to add any tooltip when player turns on their weapon IR Laser pointer
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A player without NVG or a TI with IR-block on his weapon can accidentally turn it on and have no idea about it

The main problem is that the player compromises his location with laser to an enemy who has a thermal imager or night vision

There is no pop-up information (tips / icons in front of the laser / 3D model thing) about turning the laser on or off

It would be nice if will be added a solution, for example:

  • A laser icon was displayed in the player's inventory if their IR block was enabled


Won't Fix
Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Bob targeting at enemy

Bob don't have NVG or TI equipment, but he have IR Laser Pointer
Bob enable his laser a few minutes ago and he doesn't have info about it

  1. John covering his comrades

John already eyes-on Bob he compromised his position with his accidentally turned on laser

Additional Information

maybe do something like this?
when laser is on will be shown a vanilla icon \a3\ui_f\data\igui\rscingameui\rscoptics\laser_designator_iconlaseron.paa

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Instead or in addition may make an alert in the weapon information panel?
With vanilla icon, plus there is a localized text 'laser' str_a3_itemtype_laser can also inform us if IR Laser Pointer is enabled

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UI/HUD changes, won't do.

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