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Hotbar not showing after relog
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The hotbar will disappear after a reconnect to the server


Operating System
Windows 10
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Steps To Reproduce

reconnect after a server restart or simply disconnect and reconnect to the server and the hotbar is gone and can only be restored by disabling/enabling the hud in options.

Additional Information

This issue has been occurring for a few patches now and I am not the only one experiencing it.

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Cybrax created this task.Tue, May 23, 7:03 PM
Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Wed, May 24, 10:11 AM

the same.
not always happening, but very annoying.

Geez changed the task status from Awaiting internal Testing to Need More Info.Wed, May 24, 2:50 PM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello Cybrax and Clod999.
Do you run any mods? If so, does this occur upon disabling them and playing on the official server?

Cybrax added a comment.EditedWed, May 24, 5:48 PM

@Geez After playing on official for a few hours I was unable to replicate it.

I decided to test with my own private server with my own map.
I started removing all mods 1 by 1 to test untill I had only my own mod left.

My mod does NOT interact with the HUD in any way everything related to the UI is vanilla.

It seems this issue only occurs when mods are used, however after removing ALL mods but my own where I wrote every single line of script it still happens.

It does appear to be related to having mods BUT even with mods that do no change the HUD at all it still happens.

"1 original server" without any mods,
and but it also happens on the official server for me and my friend
but we haven't tried it on 1.21 yet, to be honest, but this bug has been around for about a year and I believe that it is present in 1.21

Just had it happen on official...