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Radio 3D model settings
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If we use the 3D model to set it properly (rather than the HUD) there is 3 problem for me :

  • First, the button to power it on/off is misaligned. Visually it switch to "PWR OFF" to power it on. Woopsy !
  • You cannot set the newly introduce "2nd channel" of the radio to a different frequency. Only one of them (so we need an additionnal button maybe ?)
  • It would be great to be able to set the radio volume with the dedicated volume button already on the 3D model

And by setting the volume, i mean decoupled from the "radio volume" setting from main menu. A real volume button would mean you can have 2 or 3 different radio with different volume to prioritize the radio by their importance (command, squad, section, etc... And even more, if volume could be decoupled between 1st channel and 2nd channel on the same radio, it would be even more convenient to prioritize one channel over the second one.

Hope you understand what i mean.


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Windows 7

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