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Inventory container leak in 3den
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When the loadout of a editor placed unit is changed, "leaked inventory containers" appear. These are invisible inventory container entities spawned at [0, 0, something] that don't have an objectParent associated with them. They will never be deleted, since the cleanup system forgets about them.

If the unit is configured to have a vest by default, two of these leaked inventory containers appear. If not, only one will appear.

They are apparently network synced, so this is a problem.

They can easily be detected with the following command:
(-1 allObjects 4) select {isNull objectParent _x}

They can not be deleted with deleteVehicle, so an engine fix seems necessary.

Apparently this is from the addGoggles command, which has this known issue.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 22H2 19045.2846
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new scenario in 3den
  2. Add unit(s) to scenario
  3. Give customized loadout to unit
  4. Upon starting the game, leaked inventory containers appear

Repo mission with extra info:

Additional Information

This is related to the discussion in the #perf_prof_branch channel on the ARMA discord channel. The existence of these containers is clearly a known issue, as is the addGoggles command, and thus the point of this report is to showcase how common this issue is.

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