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Using Hide Terrain Objects Module causes freeze when saving multiplayer game
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Setting up a multiplayer mission (non dedicated server).
Remove the "trees /vegetation" in a large number from any map.
To achieve this, use the "Hide Terrain Objects" in the EDEN editor to remove the vegetation in a large area of the map.
Set-up the "Hide Terrain Objects" module to Operate Locally, since the number of vegetation to be hidden /removed is very large.

The MP mission starts successful for the Host player (non dedicated server) and the player clients. The mission runs as expected but if the Host interrupts the mission session using the SAVE&EXIT command, (to continue the MP mission progress at another time) this operation will take for ever (game freezes) rendering the option useless, and no save is done.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 8.1 Pro OS Version 6.3.9600 - Build 9600
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

You can find a simple MP mission to test this problem in attach.
(no MODS required).

Load the attached mission (or make one yourself using the same specifications).
Start a multiplayer session.
Select your MP slot.
Start the mission.
Look /walk around and then SAVE EXIT the MP missions.
Problem manifests.

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