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Temperature near fires(expie, cherno)
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Made a fire in a warehouse to cook a fish. My temperature went from white to flashing red while cooking with a stick. I lost a quarter of my health bar during the course of cooking both pieces.

Tried again in a house later, one with a single stove. Same issue. Tried with clothes off and on the first time, seemed to only stay solid red, not flashing without clothes.

The second time my clothes were wet, they dried almost instantly.



Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Make a fire
Stand next to it
Temp will go to flashing red.

Additional Information

(The heat buff seems to last longer than normal as well but I did not time this.)

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Additional information:
I’ve had a cooking pot that I used to cook with stay a 200 degrees for almost 30 minutes. While the cooked food inside has cooled off. The pot was half full with water when I cooked it. I have since filled it up from a barrel and it has maintained that temperature. I am now constantly at yellow temperature while carrying it, it is the only warm item I have.

(Note: this may be unrelated. I did not have the pot during my initial ticket)

I have left the pot out on the floor while I type this up, the temperature has begun to drop, now 100.

Final update:
This has all occurred on Spaggies cherno expie.

We went to an official server and did not experience the problem.

Just wanted to update you!


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