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setPos doesn't always work reliably with AI units
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When testing a script that is supposed to teleport units maintaining the current formation I ran into issues with it not being reliable even in singleplayer.

What I would expect to happen here is for each iteration of the script to set the units up neatly in a line but what happens is some units get this weird rubberbanding effect and are not teleported to the new position

This isn't a video of the exact repro but it is a similar script that is trying to neatly teleport units


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Start repro mission and it will attempt to teleport all AI units between a line along the X or Y axis every 2 seconds
You can see a portion of the units always get left behind at their previous position when they should be neatly teleported in line

Repro mission

Additional Information

Game version: 2.12.150512

The script is fairly simple:

DEV_STOP = false;

[] spawn {
    private _fn_SetupA = {
        params ["_units", "_centerPos"];

        private _spacing = 10;

        for "_i" from 0 to (count _units - 1) do {
            private _unit = _units select _i;
            private _pos = [(_centerPos select 0) + (_i * _spacing), _centerPos select 1, 0];
            _unit setPos _pos;

    private _fn_SetupB = {
        params ["_units", "_centerPos"];

        private _spacing = 10;

        for "_i" from 0 to (count _units - 1) do {
            private _unit = _units select _i;
            private _pos = [_centerPos select 0, (_centerPos select 1) + (_i * _spacing), 0];
            _unit setPos _pos;

    private _centerPos = getMarkerPos "spawnpos";
    private _units = allUnits - [player];

    private _flip = false;
    while {!DEV_STOP} do {
        if (_flip) then {
            [_units, _centerPos] call _fn_SetupA;
            _flip = !_flip;
        } else {
            [_units, _centerPos] call _fn_SetupB;
            _flip = !_flip;
        sleep 2;

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