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Extend "createVehicleCrew" to provide existing group
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I'd like to request alternative syntax for createVehicleCrew command which would let you provide existing group instead of using vehicle's group or creating new group by vehicle's config side. This will let us easily crew vehicles with desired side rather than default one. Suggested syntax:

createVehicleCrew [ENTITY, GROUP]


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

If command version existed, you could test it with this repro:

  1. Start game with a player of non-civilian side
  2. Execute:
private _vehicle = createVehicle ["C_IDAP_UAV_06_antimine_F", player modelToWorld [0,5,0], 5, ""];
private _group = createVehicleCrew [_vehicle, createGroup side group player];
systemChat str side group _vehicle;
  1. Should output player's side in the chat rather than default CIV one.
Additional Information

Maybe also allow SIDE alongside GROUP so group is created automatically.

createVehicleCrew [_vehicle, side group player];

could work alongside

createVehicleCrew [_vehicle, createGroup side group player];

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side createVehicleCrew vehicle
group createVehicleCrew vehicle

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