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AI can see at night like it's day and through bushes
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So today I have fully been able to verify that night or day does not effect the AI on awareness, or combat capability.

My screen was so dark I couldn't see basically to the end of my rifle yet the AI was perfectly able to see me through the dark.

Second issue of them with bushes. I was in a bush, with layers of concealment in front of me that obscured my view, and it obscured the AI, I was only able to see their arm, yet they instantly turned around and laser beamed me in the head with 5 rounds.

The last time I reported this, Geeze put it as reviewed.

Instead why don't you guys actually take this to internal testing and verify it instead of ignoring it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Engage an AI at night, and they can see you perfectly.

Engage an AI from the bush, if the AI even happens to see a small piece of you which would be obscured they'll beam you in the head

Additional Information

This has been an issue since Day 1 and you guys ignored it completely. Fix it.

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@Geez you guys gonna take a look at this?

Happened again today, I was in complete darkness unloaded half a belt of M60 into an FIA AI and nothing happened, he went on to wipe out the rest of a squad in a building where noone could see him at all.

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Should be improved for the future updates.