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Collateral Damage Objective in Salient Force
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After reloading a save on the mission Salient Force from the Altis Requiem campaign, it will take all the damage caused in the world and sum it into the player's CollateralDamage value, even if the damage wasn't player made, as well as collateral damage caused by enemy units being sometimes counted towards the player (i.e. a house getting destroyed because of a destroyed vehicle's explosion, wreck caused by destroying the A-164 Wipeout that spawns after securing Dorida, etc.)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Play the level as usual, causing AI to cause some damage to houses/environment, save and load the game.

Additional Information

This bug causes that players who want to complete the Collateral Damage mission in order to get the No Requiem achievement must:

1- Complete the entire mission in one go, without loading a save.

2- Being extremely lucky with environmental damage provoqued by enemy ai.

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Thank you for the report, we will have a look.

Here's a recording of the problem, at the moment of saving, the Collateral objective is still active (It's supposed to go the more civilian damage you cause, it goes from Active>Canceled>Failed).
After going through the mission I reload the save when the objective is supposed to be active, but it's cancelled instead. (Sometimes it straight out fails the objective after reloading a save)

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