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Some Feedback on Uncon animation / meta
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Hey, so atm the uncon animation, and the animation of the player lying on the floor when uncon is very distinctly different from the animation when a player dies.

This makes it extremely easy to tell if somebody is either unconscious or dead, just by judging the animation when they fall over, or when they are lying on the floor.
After a few hours in the game, you start to notice just how different the animations actually are, and in 99% of situations you are able to immediately know if somebody is dead or not when they fall over...and can be 100% sure if they are dead or not when they are lying on the floor...

I think overall this is a bit "gamey" but it also ruins a lot of the immersion / surprise of not knowing if somebody is actually fully dead or not.

I think the uncon animation should be reworked to be the same as the death animations somehow. This would keep players on edge, it would make players double tap a body to make sure they are dead, it could create some really cool scenarios when you thought somebody was dead, just to have them wake back up right infront of you...

Also, with 1.20 the "check pulse" animation was reworked. But in game currently the check pulse feature has no meaning at all, since you can just tell if somebody is alive or not immediately just by looking at them. So changing those animations would finally add a reason to use the check pulse feature.

Overall, not a huge deal ofcourse, but it would actually be a really cool and really immersive change to see come to the game.


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