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Humvee has false gearing issue causing lock ups and making the car not move sometimes
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I've noticed after playing around with the Humvee when you're driving and press "Q" or "E" the Humvee acts like it's changing gears and i now notice the reason why the car locks up is because it on a false gear as if it's manual/stick shift even tho its automatic so when you crash at a high speed the car locks up because the game isn't changing its gearing correctly maybe?? Sometimes you don't even have to crash for this to happen it can happen for other reason like slowing down or hitting bumps in the road.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

In this video you'll notice gear shifting that isn't suppose to happen:

In this video the humvee is locked up but changing to the invisible gears fixed it:

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CosmoDayZ added a subscriber: Geez.Feb 16 2023, 9:08 PM

@Geez I figured it out why it's doing this issue now can you merge task with previous report please

  • can confirm, there are more tickets open "M1025" not moving bla bla -> bug since 1.20
  • car is not moving anymore (like it has 1 PS engine)
  • when since happen, the car is also not gearing everytime from D back to N, R (after pressing Q more often and faster it's gearing)

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Chimere added a subscriber: Chimere.EditedFeb 20 2023, 3:37 PM

Hello there!

Real reason of the problem is that automatic-transmission isnt working properly, it auto-shift gears up, but it cant down shift, so you have to manualy down shift. It just looks like engine doesnt have enough power, cause when you slow down from higher speeds (gear stays on the highest gear reached), so when you try to move vehicle, it doesnt start on 1st gear. Also thanks to that when you want to switch from D to N it looks like it doesnt do anything, but it actually down shifts - hummer has 4 gears forward, Neutral and 1 gear reverse.

When you manualy down shift or even go to N (neutral) and then back to D, its moving properly again, but after gaining speed (and getting into higher gears) it starts making problem again - unable to auto down shift. So for now is hummer "semi-automatic-manual" :D

I have to ask myself, did even someone from BI tested the changes about transmission gear sync between client and server? Cause that new code seems to be an issue, it syncs automatic-transmission like manual one.

Sounds plausible… As you know the community is testing everything, I wait for fix this week. Hope this time they will test it ;-)

PanGrycan added a subscriber: PanGrycan.EditedFeb 20 2023, 6:09 PM

Am I the only one who thinks that the cars in the game look somehow not natural ?! I mean they don't fit into the general background of the game. Their texture is, as it were, too perfect, especially the Olga car, the chrome on it is all so perfect, and the paint on the body is almost like a car from the salon. In a post-apocalyptic world, this somehow does not fit. Need more antiquity to give the appearance, work on the texture. And I wonder if anyone checked the bug with headlights during a thunderstorm? At the moment when lightning strikes, the headlights at that moment go out for a while

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