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Random consecutive mission restarts after mission end. (And possibly increased network traffic)
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Sometimes when mission ends, server restarts the mission several times in a row before finally starting to work.

This is an unusual happening that we noticed recently, server restarts the mission several times in a row for seemingly no reason. This happens only few times a day through long server uptime with 100s of players on it. There are no logs in RPT to indicate what's wrong and I can't reproduce it in closed environment.

What is done from scripted side on mission end:

"password" serverCommand "#mission KingOfTheHill_RHS_by_Sa-Matra_for_CODE4.Altis Custom";
endMission "END1";

Even if mission file doesn't change, #mission command is still executed so Missions class cycle from server's config is ignored.

Attached RPT is an example of such case, cut from 100 megs log from 24 run time of the server. It includes RPT header, first dated lines, then part of last session end and 3 restarts that followed with last one being successful. Server ran for several hours, then after such end next session worked only on a third server. Look for Starting mission: lines. The log is from RHS server but it happens with vanilla servers just the same.

I'd like to request some help from the devs to try to figure out what might be going wrong, perhaps a look into the code to guess what might be breaking it, adding additional logging so we can see what happens on a live server.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Unfortunately there is no way to reproduce it in closed environment because it happens on a live server with lots of players and hours of uptime.

Additional Information

Although this behavior is not absolutely game breaking, there are few issues that might be related to it:

  • Players waiting in the lobby sometimes see it flashing several times (restarts) and can no longer select any/some slots and have to leave the server
  • Since we implemented "#mission" game end to switch mission files through script, we started to notice outgoing traffic increase (x1.5) after game switches to another world (Altis ⇄ Malden):

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