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FiredMan event does not trigger anymore for remote units
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Run into this issue because a firedMan event for players that were added on dedicated server did not fire anymore.

Added a simple FiredMan event for player with debug message via admin console to client and server for testing to confirm, event fired on client side but not on server side.


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Windows 7 x64

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Ron4Swat created this task.Feb 5 2023, 4:14 PM

"Special multiplayer behaviour: When added to a remote unit or vehicle, this EH will only fire if said entity is within range of the camera. That range is determined by the fired ammo's highest visibleFire and audibleFire config value. In case of units, muzzle attachment coefficients are applied too."

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I don't understand how this applies to my case.

If i add the event on the server for my own player unit, wouldn't it be in range of the camera?

As far as i understand the comment, the event would not fire for other players that are further away then the mentioned visibleVire and audibleFire.

What am i missing?

BIS_fnc_KK added a comment.EditedFeb 6 2023, 6:58 PM

dedicated server is remote machine, there is no camera on it. Not sure if it ever fired on dedicated server.

I thought that players would work as a kind of virtual camera on server side in this case, but that clears it up.

Yes it worked before on dedicated server since ages, thats why i run into this issue because certain code didn't work on dedicated server anymore.

Btw, imo the statement in the wiki about multiplayer is worded strangely. Shouldn't it say more something like that in multiplayer with dedicated server it does not work for remote units? Because it implies (at least for me) that there is a camera in multiplayer, which i guess would be true in a hosted game, which probably is not the usual multiplayer environment?

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