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Rifle Suppressors (Idea - NOT BUG)
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So I have been thinking...The LAR really needs a suppressor. I feel like the Standardized Suppressor should go on the LAR. The KA's/VSD all have one suppressor over all the calibers/rifles. The LAR is the only battle rifle that doesn't have a suppressor that attaches to it (excluding the bottle suppressor of course...)

Speaking about calibers....If the "Normalized Suppressor" can go on the KA47 and the KA101, then the "Standardized Suppressor" should be able to go on the 5.56 weapons and the LAR. (.308 is the same size as 7.62)

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there. It always has been confusing to me why the LAR doesn't have a suppressor for it. Thank you for your time!!


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Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Feb 1 2023, 11:41 AM

Personally I see no reason why the FAL needs a suppressor. Those weapons are already extremely extremely powerful. And suppressors also are extremely powerful in DayZ...They are extremely quiet and have no drawbacks at all...combining the two is just a bad combination tbh. It's way too strong. It also just generally makes the game feel much less alive when half the server is running around with suppressors, people can be having a war right next to you and you wouldn't even know it was happening. I would defintely avoid this personally

The VSD has a suppressor. Why not the LAR? Before the Aug was added it was the Western rifles "big boy". It just feels forgotten to me.. It also statistically makes sense if you look at the AK's compared to the Western rifles

It is OK that some weapons do not have a supressor as it is now. Would make the game more boring.

Of course it's okay. It's worked fine for years. I personally think it taking one makes more sense.

Probably not "Standardized Suppressor", but some .338 specialized supp, but yes, LAR needs a suppressor