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Script command to control zoom of pilot camera
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setTurretOpticsMode and setTurretOpticsMode could perhaps be extended to work with pilot's turret path [-1], for Pilot Camera zoom.

For context, other ways to control pip screen, custom info panel, pilot camera, or turret include:
TransportNightVision keybind works for MBT reverse cam pip
setPilotCamera... commands
lockCameraTo command
Custom Info panel mode when on GunnerView on AH-99 Blackfoot works to cycle vision mode of pilot's pip screen
setTurretOpticsMode works to cycle zoom mode of pilot's pip screen

Such control would greatly improve the usefulness of pip and customInfo views of the pilotcamera. Base game control exists for vision mode, slew and stabilization can be scripted, only Pilot Camera zoom seems to be inaccessible for now.


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Windows 10 x64

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ampersand38 added a comment.EditedOct 26 2023, 11:09 PM

Thank you! It works while the pilotcamera is active. Is there a possibility of it working while the player is not in the pilotcamera view?
That is, the value returned by getPilotCameraOpticsMode updates, but the pip cameras do no update until the player goes into the camera.
setTurretOpticsMode does update immediately in pip.

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