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DayZ Not Responding When Joining Servers
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EDIT : We have resolved this issue, reverting to an old GPU driver AND deleting the 221100 file inside of the steam/userdata section worked

Hey, I am making this ticket on behalf of a friend of mine. We play DayZ often, with no issues. We were playing this morning totally fine, but when we tried to play this evening his game is crashing every time he tries to join a server (any server at all) his game crashes immediately. When checking task manager we can see that the RAM has completely maxed out and DayZ is not responding. The RAM is 16gb corsair vengeance and has been completely fine until this evening.

When he clicks to join a server, a prompt from battleEye appears asking him if he wants the battleye to make changes to this device, he clicks yes and then it breaks.

What we have tried so far :

Verifying game files
Verifying mods
Reinstalling all mods
Reinstalling the game
Restarting PC
Completely Resetting PC to factory defaults with no files
Swapping RAM sticks to a brand new set of the same RAM
Combining RAM sticks to create 32GB
Drivers and Windows updates

Nothing is working and we are out of ideas at this point. Anybody got a clue what's happening?

EDIT : today we were able to recieve an error code finally after resetting PC and windows, it was the UNABLE TO INIT DXGI error, we tried enabling the bulldozer option in paramaters and got the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

PC specs

16gb RAM
RTX 3070
Ryzen 5 3600
750w PSU

All other games and Titles seem to be working as intended, just specifically DayZ is not

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