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Some feedback on bullet impact sounds
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Hey guys! I was watching some twitch today when I saw this clip

It got me thinking, the impact sounds really add a lot to the situation. When you hear bullets impacting around you it really makes the firefights feel more tense and believable / immersive.

The problem right now is that the impact sounds for most surfaces are very quiet and have quite a short audible range, so most times when you are getting shot at you wont be able to hear the impacts of the shots landing, which is a shame imo.

I would LOVE to see the bullet impact sounds receive a "buff" to their loudness and audible range. It would be a really nice touch. And also way more realistic...bullet impacts IRL are actually very loud, especially on metal. If you watch somebody shooting a suppressed weapon, a lot of the time the bullet hitting the metal target is actually louder than the gun itself.

Here is an example of just how loud the impact sounds can be really be! There is a timestamp on this link >

Much love, keep up the great work <3


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