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Surge of hackers on official servers
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Recently me and my friend (Playing Dayz for 5 years) noticed a surge of hackers on official servers on Dayz.

Over the last week, we had our base raided 2 times by a hacker - we have 3 walls of coded reinforced walls and only 1 wall was damaged, so there was just no way of getting in any other way than ESP.
We also got killed randomly - I was sitting in the bathroom behind 3 closed doors in the apt building, and suddenly I just collapsed and saw You are dead screen.

Half of our loot is gone, what's the point of playing on official servers since there is none active admins at any time? How can I even know who and what killed me?

You took big millions bucks to make this game, and you can't really make a good anti cheat system? You should have logs on the serwers? Like what's going on?

What's the point of playing this game and gathering loot just to have your base raided by a hacker or be killed from anywhere at anytime?


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Make a fake base with loot and lock it behind few walls with code locks and just wait :)


Additional Information

Dayz NL 3663873
IP: Port: 2702