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Gunner's 1st-view-SFX remain if player switch to driver's sit
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The sound of the "first person gunner" will be "broadcast" to the driver until he changes his view
see YT video


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
win11 22H2
Steps To Reproduce

see YT video

  1. place any car with Driver and Gunner
  2. take Driver's sit, start move, switch to 3nd person of view
  3. take Gunner's sit
  4. switch to 1st person of view
  5. take Driver's sit again

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TRAGER created this task.Mon, Nov 21, 4:41 PM
Tenshi added a subscriber: Tenshi.Thu, Nov 24, 11:52 AM

Hello, what are you using to test where the audio comes from?
I hear no real difference between the audio of driver and gunner in most vehicles, to begin with.

TRAGER added a comment.EditedThu, Nov 24, 1:17 PM

I made a new video, with beter visual steps to repro
T169053new YT demonstration

  1. open any map in Eden editor
  2. ccreate a vehicle with AI, e.g. B_LSV_01_armed_F
  3. start mission
  4. set player's POV to 3nd
  5. switch at Gunner's sit
  6. use WASD to move vehicle, keep move
  7. RMB - aim
  8. switch at Driver's sit

result → you can hear "moving" sound from gunner's side even if you stop the car, change to the driver's or passenger's seat

Hello, thanks for the clear repro!
I was able to repro the issue on our internal build and will pass it along to our programmers.
We will see what we can do, to resolve the issue.

Tenshi changed the task status from New to Confirmed Internally.Mon, Nov 28, 12:42 PM