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Sickness continously
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I am playing on this server while, i was playing on many other servers as well so i have some experience with this thing.
I don't know why but i am sick all the time, it doesn't matter where i am, when i cure my sickness it comes back soon. It doesn't matter what I wear, has the best insulation hunter stuff or not. I didn't eat or drink anything but i got sick again and again. I died many times because of this, i can't find enough medicine. I was playing with it in a row like more than 12 times(cold). i got sick i got a pill it's gone a few minutes later when the medicine icon is gone i am sick again. i can't believe that is not a bug... My challenge is in the game day by day can i find enough vitamins and tetracyclin in the game or not, it is very boring, to be honest.


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NeuroHUN created this task.Nov 3 2022, 6:27 PM

I haven't experienced or heard reports of any bugs with the sickness at all personally and I have played a lot in 1.19 so far. I think most likely you are doing something wrong and not realising it. Make sure that your character is always WHITE temperature and dry. Make sure you don't eat with bloody hands, make sure you only bandage with items which are disinfected and make sure you don't drink any water that doesn't come from a water pump. If you do these things properly, you won't get sick from anything

What u said is done, i can make a video about it if you want. You can see my inventory my clothes everything. Everything is in the white section. So I don't even know why is it happening. From Airfild to Stary Yar i used 8 pills one by one. I am using original bandages but i also have alcohol as well. I will make a video because I wouldn't believe it if I heard it.
But it is what it is...

I made the video that I was talking about can you send me a link where I can send you?

I uploaded the video on youtube and as I said it was continuous at least many times before.

Okay so yea judging from the video you showed, it seems to me like you are catching the flu from being cold. Whenever your character is outside you can notice that your temperature goes into the light blue status instead of white? This basically means that you will catch the flu eventually. They made some changes to the immune system within recent patches so it seems like you can catch that specific disease much faster now. That being said, in the second half of the clip, your character is mostly white temps for the majority of the time and you still caught it, which is really strange. My best guess would be that they over did the immune system changes and you can just catch disease way too easily now. But maybe Geez will clarify here soon. Interesting though, thx for sharing the videos o7

Yeah, thank you for taking my problem seriously. I hope we can find a solution to this problem or we can find out why is it happening. It would be good to know cause I really don't know how is it possible all the way.
Cheers mate!

Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Nov 4 2022, 9:04 AM