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1.19 Launcher Server list EXTREMELY SLOW since update
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The 1.19 server list takes forever to load since 1.19

Sometimes it loads 100 servers a second, sometimes only 10 per second!


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Windows 7

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Nate_LapT added a comment.EditedOct 23 2022, 6:51 AM

Launcher appears is not clearing the appdata cache to refresh server list!!!

Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Oct 24 2022, 11:34 AM

Some additional info on this:

Just deleting the bisignCache.nson file in the appdata/dayz launcher folder seems to resolve the issue.

Before deleting that file, I (and several other people) was experiencing extremely slow population of the community and official server browser tabs. The lists were only populating at about 4 servers per second. After closing the launcher, deleting that one file, and relaunching, it immediately increased to 40-60 severs per second, occasionally increasing even further at times.

This fix has worked in the past for this issue when it has popped up in the past (I found a forum post suggesting this fix from perhaps 2-3 years ago?), and if I remember correctly, it tended to happen right after the launcher app had a significant update, but would occasionally happen occasionally at random times as well.

After today's hotfix @Chambersenator fix above no longer works. I've tested multiple times now, even fully removing the appdata dayz folder.

It took 19 minutes to LOAD all the servers!

I am currently hoping validating my files will fix this, but this is a critical issue affecting all users

Nate_LapT changed Severity from Major to Block.Oct 27 2022, 2:26 AM
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Validating files does not improve anything.

So far the fix appears to be, to purge all mods.

I unsubscribed to all my mods and now it works. took 3 mins to load 9000 servers.

This should not be needed by the end user.

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Hello everyone.
We have made updates to the launcher for the 1.22 update, which will improve the loading times.